When Your Appetite Wanes Just Before Thanksgiving

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Lack of appetite is a common complaint during a serious illness and it can be distressing to both the person who is ill and the family that surrounds him or her. After all, our family celebrations and holidays are closely intertwined with eating. We often hear, “If only he would eat, he’d get better.” But [...]

Hospice vs. Palliative Care?

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Did you know that all hospice agencies provide palliative care? That is, the focus is on comfort, not cure. The key goals of palliative care are: To enhance the quality of life of patient AND family To provide pain relief and symptom management To use a team approach, integrating the clinical, psychosocial, and spiritual aspects [...]

#2 Most Common Hospice Diagnosis: Alzheimer’s

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Coming Soon - 2017 Walk to End Alzheimer's For the past few years, Ardent's Army has walked to raise awareness of Alzheimer's Disease and the challenges to those who are living with it.  We look forward to this year's walk, in a little over a week. In hospice, we have substantial first-hand experience with those [...]

A Decade of Volunteering Celebrated

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Volunteer Calls her Work an Honor to her Best Friend's Memory If Sherri’s in the office, it must be Tuesday. For the past ten years, hospice volunteer Sherri has been a friendly, reliable part of the administrative team. In the fall of 2007, when Ardent was just a few months old, she attended the very [...]

How Hospice Works: We Come to You

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Hospice is not a place, it's a type of care.  Care that gives support - physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially - to a person with a life-limiting illness and his/her family.  The goal is comfort, not cure. A key part of that comfort care is a visit by a registered nurse. Pictured above is our [...]

5 Books For Grief and Loss

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When a loved one dies, whether sudden or from a long term illness, there are a myriad of emotions experienced. Waves of overwhelming sadness may overcome you at the oddest of times, periods of peace knowing your loved one is no longer in pain may give you comfort, and even times of anger that they [...]