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Choosing hospice is not giving up. It is simply a change of focus, to comfort and quality of life.

Ardent Hospice provides compassion, comfort and support to our patients and their caregivers.  Our mission is to enhance the quality of living for those at the end of life’s journey, regardless of diagnosis or prognosis.

We care for patients all across the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  After a decade of caring for our community, we continue to remain an independent, community-based organization.  For a list of the many communities we serve, please view our service location map.

Hospice is…

  • a compassionate method of caring for individuals with a life-threatening illness.
  • palliative rather than curative, with an emphasis on pain and symptom control, so that a person may live the last days of life fully, with dignity and comfort, at home or in a home-like setting.
  • a medically-directed, interdisciplinary team-managed program of services that focuses on the patient/family as the unit of care.  Read more about our services.

We have answers to your questions.

“When should we call?”  “Who is eligible for hospice care?”  “How do we pay for hospice care?”  “Why should I choose hospice care?”  “Why should I choose Ardent Hospice?”  These and other questions are addressed on our FAQs page. We understand the challenges you may be facing.

Your Next Step

Don’t wait.

When asked about their experience with hospice, the most common regret we hear from families is that they didn’t get to know us sooner.  See what other families are saying about Ardent Hospice on our Testimonials page. Or do your own research on Ardent Hospice on We are proud of our scores.

Contact us.

We encourage you to contact us to tell us about your individual situation. Call us at 469-293-1515 or send us an email. Calls received after office hours are answered by our on-call nurse, not an answering service.

Request Information

If you are interested in becoming an Ardent Hospice volunteer or donating to Ardent Hospice, please visit the Volunteer page.

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